Israeli air raids target Hezbollah locations in southern Lebanon

MARJAYOUN, Lebanon — The recent shelling between the Israeli Army and Hezbollah heralds an imminent war on the borders between the two sides. On Wednesday, the Israeli Air Force planes carried out air raids on Hezbollah locations in Marjayoun in southern Lebanon, according to the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper.

Caution and silence prevailed in the border area after an extensive deployment by the Israeli Army, reinforced with tanks, along the border following the fall of shells from Lebanon on the Israeli side.

Israeli army spokesman Avichai Adraei announced via Twitter that warplanes launched raids on areas in Lebanon from which rockets were launched. Other infrastructure used by Hezbollah was also targeted.

Adraei warned that the raids will continue and may escalate if Hezbollah continues to target Israel. He also held the State of Lebanon responsible for what is happening inside its territory and stressed the Israeli Army’s warning against any potential attack on Israeli citizens or sovereignty.

The Lebanese Army stated that the Israeli attack came after several rockets were launched from one of the southern regions towards the occupied Palestinian territory.

The statement confirmed that the Lebanese Army conducted several patrols and set up a number of checkpoints and indicated that an investigation had been opened to reveal the identity of those who launched the attack.

Local media reported that there were attempts to curb the situation in Israel with the aim of avoiding a confrontation with Lebanon. The reply was limited to responding only to the missiles. A cautious calm currently prevails in the region.