Universal Syriac Union Party President Mrad: Lebanon must be liberated from Iranian occupation

BEIRUT — President of the Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP) in Lebanon Ibrahim Mrad said in a statement today that the people shook the thrones of the ruling junta during the one-year anniversary of the genocide committed by that junta against the people of Lebanon.

“The criminal ruling authority was absent on 4 August,” he said. “Officials and protocols were absent from the scene, and only the people came in the squares to assure the killers that Lebanon will not die.”

“The criminal junta has usually tried to block people’s access to the squares because they know very well that their thrones internally and externally are in great danger,” Mrad said. “They put security and military barriers and sent their members to create chaos to attack a center of the Lebanese Forces in its Christian stronghold in Ashrafieh, with the aim of creating strife.”

Mrad stressed the need to follow up on internal and external movements to liberate Lebanon from the Iranian occupation, represented by Hezbollah and its corrupt agents in power, saying that the formation of a sovereign front with a clear, transparent, and explicit project is the most effective and fastest solution to save Lebanon and its people from this occupation.