Reports of a Syriac man killed in his home in Tur Abdin

BADIBE, Tur Abdin, Turkey – On Monday, the European Syriac Union stated via its Twitter account that Gevriye Sari, a Syriac man from the village of Badibe, near Mor Yakup Monastery, Tur Izlo, was killed in his home.

Gazete Sabro reports from sources in Badibe village (Turkish: Dibek) that on Sunday evening a shot was heard from Gevriye Sari’s house. Sari was found dead later in the six in the morning in his house. Villagers told the Syriac newspaper that an investigation was started into his killing by Turkish police.

In recent years, Gevriye Sari Beth Komo visited his home village for shorter and longer periods. He lived in Paderborn, Germany, but had plans to resettle permanently in his home village of Badibe, Tur Abdin, in Turkey’s southeast.

SyriacPress will report more information as we have it.