SYRIA: Suraye of Tel Shanan village in the Khabur commemorate the Simele massacre of 1933

TAL SHANAN, KHABUR – On August 7, the Suraye community of the Suraye village of Tel Shanan in the Khabur valley, east of the town of Tel Tamr, commemorated the 1933 Simele massacre in Iraq by a ceremony at the local martyr’s shrine in the village.

Speeches were delivered by Fr Boghos Ishaya and Jamila Kako of the al-Khabur Martyrs’ Families Foundation, Jamila Kako touched on the great role of sacrifice of the Suraye martyrs for security, safety, and stability. The event was concluded by lighting candles and placing roses on the tombs of the martyrs.

The village of Tel Shanan has been subjected to shelling for days by the Turkish occupation army and its extremist collection of militias called the Syrian National army.