Amnesty International: Iran using unlawful force to suppress peaceful water protests

TEHRAN — Amnesty International has reported that the Iranian Security Forces used unlawful force to suppress the peaceful protests that erupted throughout the country due to the lack of water and the deteriorating living conditions.

According to Amnesty, Iranian intelligence carried out arbitrary mass arrests of hundreds of people, including children, who were subsequently subjected to enforced disappearance, torture, and murder.

Deputy Director of the Middle East and North Africa at Amnesty International Diana Eltahawy stated that the Iranian authorities must immediately end these arbitrary arrests, release all detainees, and protect them from torture and ill-treatment.

Pictures circulating on social media showed Iranian security forces shooting at peaceful demonstrators in the city of Naqadeh in West Azerbaijan Province, injuring dozens of demonstrators. Iranian security forces also shot the demonstrators in the southern province of Khuzestan Ahwaz, resulting in the deaths of 11 protesters.