Iraqi forces arrest member of ISIS assassination team, pursue ISIS cells south of Mosul

MOSUL, Iraq — Iraq’s Federal Intelligence and Investigation Agency announced the arrest of a prominent member of the Islamic State (ISIS) responsible for assassinations.

After being interrogated, the suspect admitted to belonging to ISIS, carrying out several attacks on security forces in Anbar Governorate, serving as an ISIS mail carrier between the group’s areas of operation in Salah al-Din and Kirkuk, as well as working as part of a terrorist security group for assassinations in Tikrit District.

In related news, security operation between several Iraqi forces was launched south of Mosul, in Nineveh Governorate, to pursue ISIS cells.

Iraqi artillery began heavy shelling on the Jazirat Kanous, south of Mosul, in preparation for the operation.

As part of the operation, air strikes were carried out and a floating bridge was erected to cross into inaccessible areas.