Iraqi Prime Minister al-Kadhimi forms special committee for reconstruction of Mosul

MOSUL, Iraq — During the visit of Iraqi Prime Minister al-Kadhimi to Nineveh Governorate yesterday, he expressed regret for the service and urban problems suffered in the region, noting that corruption and mismanagement are factors that contributed to the fall of Nineveh to the Islamic State (ISIS).

Al-Kadhimi said that the people of Mosul refused that this great city should be a prisoner of terrorism and reactionary forces. He also stated that he had initiated the formation of a special committee to rebuild Mosul and draw up a road map and action plan to address the problems experienced in the city, including reopening the airport and train station.

His Cabinet passed 22 resolutions concerning Nineveh during its regular session held in Mosul and headed by al-Kadhimi

One of the most prominent focuses of the resolutions is the formation of a committee headed by a representative of the Ministry of Reconstruction, Housing, Municipalities, and Public Works and made up of representatives of the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Justice, Office of the Endowments of Christian, Yazidi and Sabian Mandaean religions, and the Governorate of Nineveh.