Lebanese Army steps in during fuel crisis

BEIRUT — In light of the suffocating economic crisis affecting Lebanon and its people, particularly the alarming lack of fuel, which has affected the work of other sectors of the country, the Lebanese Army has conducted a number of raids on fuel stations since beginning 14 August 2021.

According to an army statement, those operations have resulted in the seizure of nearly 4.3 million liters of gasoline and about 2.2 million liters of diesel.

The statement added that the owners of the seized quantities were obliged to sell 4,315,000 liters of gasoline and 1,671,000 million of diesel for use by hospitals, bakeries, and the energy company of Zahle. They also mandated the distribution of 2,300 liters of gasoline and 280,000 liters of diesel to citizens and institutions free of charge. The statement also said that 400,000 liters of gasoline and 261,000 thousand liters of diesel was confiscated for the army.

On the other hand, in the absence of a formula for the new government, UNICEF called for the urgent formation of a government to address the situation that puts children and their lives at risk.

UNICEF also stated that three children were among those affected by the Akkar explosion days ago and called for the protection of children at all times, especially in light of the escalating and worrying fuel crisis, which has a harmful impact on children’s lives.

Dangerous materials must be stored in safe conditions to ensure that people, including children, were not threatened with their lives, said the organization.

It urged the caretaker government to take action to ensure the protection of children and access to basic services for every child and their family.