Lebanon: Universal Syriac Union Party President Ibrahim Mrad renews call for the establishment of federal system

BEIRUT – In light of the inability of the Lebanese leaders to form a new government capable of carrying out extensive political and economic reforms, due to obstacles raised by Iran-proxy Hezbollah, president of the Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP) Ibrahim Mrad’s renewed his call for the establishment of a federal system in Lebanon. It is the most appropriate solution to free the country from the political and economic deadlock caused by Lebanon’s dependence on the Islamic regime of the ‘Party of God’ and Iran.

The leader of the Syriac Union party in Lebanon rejects the old status quo regimes as illegitimate for the peoples of the Middle East. As in previous statements, the USUP leader stressed the need to follow domestic and foreign steps to liberate Lebanon from Iranian occupation, Hezbollah and its corrupt agents in power, through the formation of a sovereign front of Lebanese likeminded non-status quo parties.

In his statements on social media, Mrad launched a sharp attack on Hezbollah. The Shiite Iran proxy is dragging Lebanon into ruin, he stated. There is no cooperation and coexistence possible with an occupier who has worked day and night for years to change Lebanon’s civilized face and turn it into a focus of injustice, blackness, corruption, decadence, and terrorism, “all in the name of religion and false resistance.” Hezbollah has turned the Lebanese state into a tool for the benefit of its terrorist state within the Lebanese state.

Mrad believes that the principle of coexistence was broken with those who turned the Lebanese state into a vassal state in favor of the terrorist state of Hezbollah and its backer and funder Iran.

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Lebanon’s current centralized political system is a major failure. It turned the Lebanese people and the Lebanese homeland over to a terrorist group that relies on treason and servitude. The federal system guarantees the best solution for pluralistic Lebanon.

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