Human Rights Organization in Afrin: Claims of “safe return” of displaced to Cafrin (Afrin) untrue

CAFRIN, Syria — The Human Rights Organization in Afrin (HROA) denied the claims of officials affiliated with the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army (SNA) occupying the northwestern Syrian region of Cafrin (Afrin) that civilians displaced during the March 2018 invasion are returning to their homes, saying, “Some people and families returned to Afrin, but even after they paid exorbitant sums of money to smugglers, they were not spared from kidnapping and arrest by members of the Turkish-backed factions.”

“A ransom of up to $ 10,000 U.S. Dollars was paid in exchange for their release, and some are still being held,” the organization stated.

In the last few days, 27 people from several families, including people with special needs, fled from the city. According to the Rojava Information Center, the families are Kurds native to the area who have been the subject of routine abuses at the hands of the Turkish-backed groups.

On Sunday evening, the body of 50-year-old civilian Radwan Rahim Hanan from the village of Dar Al-Kabir in the Cafrin countryside was found on his property. His hands were bound and there were signs of torture on his body [SOURCE CONTAINS SENSITIVE PHOTOGRAPH].

On Sunday morning, Radwan went to check on his property, which had been stolen from him by Turkish-backed groups. His body was found by his brothers after he failed to return.

He had recently filed a complaint to get his house back.

Meanwhile, the Afrin Liberation Forces (ALF) continue carrying out operations against the Turkish forces and its proxies occupying the region. In a statement issued on Saturday, the ALF announced the results of the operations they carried out against Turkey and its proxies in which they claimed to have killed several Turkish soldiers and SNA members.

“Recently, the Turkish Army and its Syrian National Army (SNA) proxies escalated their attacks on the region,” read the statement. “In response to the Turkish escalation, and within the legitimate right of self-defense, the ALF carried out several operations between 14 to 19 August.”

Regarding the outcome of the operations, the ALF claimed five Turkish soldiers and three SNA members were killed, in addition to the wounding of three other SNA members.