Middle East Council of Churches warns of disaster in Lebanon

BEIRUT — The Middle East Council of Churches (MECC) joined the chorus of voices condemning the tragic situation in Lebanon, calling for measures to resolve this crisis, saying in a statement that they, “believe that the situation in Lebanon calls for extraordinary measures to address the current circumstances.”

“If the chaos in Lebanon is not addressed by radical measures, it may be a prelude to the final disintegration of society and the state in Lebanon,” the statement continued.

The MECC said that the rush to donate blood for the victims of the Akkar explosion is evidence of the social solidarity among Lebanese people from all backgrounds, which has survived despite the pervasive misery, deprivation, and corruption in the country.

“At the Middle East Council of Churches, we call on public affairs institutions to protect the remaining stabilizers and prepare to do what is necessary in terms of social support in the coming hours and days,” the statement concluded.