Syriac Military Council responses to Turkish attacks in Tel Tamr in North and East Syria

TEL TAMR, Syria — In light of the recent clashes in Tel Tamer in the Khabur River Valley in North and East Syria with the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army (SNA), the Syriac Military Council (Mawtbo Fulḥoyo Suryoyo, MFS) released the following statement:

“The Tel Tamr area witnessed an escalation of attacks last week, the most recent of which was the targeting of the headquarters of the Tel Tamr Military Council which four members martyred, including leaders of the Syrian Democratic Forces.

The shelling of villages and unarmed civilians in the countryside of Tel Tamr district and the center of the city of Zarkan, resulting in the injury of civilians and the martyrdom of a child and a woman.

As Syriac Military Council, we have responded to the points and bases from which artillery shells have been fired, and our military forces have taken the necessary measures to protect civilians and secure them in safe areas.

As Syriac Military Council, we call on the Russian armed forces to take a more active role in the ceasefire in the zone of escalation and to take a firm stand against Turkish violations.

We also promise our martyrs and our people to be as Syriac Military Council the impregnable bulwark to repel any attacks by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries.”