Iranian officials admit abuses committed in Evin Prison

TEHRAN — A hacker group calling itself Adalat Ali, “Justice of Ali”, has publish video clips of human rights violations committed inside Iran’s notorious Evin Prison which have been acknowledged by Iranian prison officials.

In social media posts, Adalat Ali stated it had access to the cameras Evrin Prison and recorded hours of footage.

Videos released by the group showed clashes between guards and prisoners and highlighted another branch of the prison, the Women’s Prison, which includes activists and dual nationals commonly used by the Iranian regime as bargaining chips with Western countries.

The group called on all media outlets to follow their account and take advantage of the videos exposing the brutality of the Iranian regime.

In an unexpected reaction, head of Iran’s prison administration Mohammad Mahdi Haji Mohammadi acknowledged the authenticity of the leaked scenes and the violations that are taking place, saying in a tweet that he bears responsibility for this unacceptable behavior and pledged to work to prevent the recurrence of these events and to deal decisively with those who committed abuses.

Mohammadi also apologized to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and the Iranian people.

Head of the judiciary Gholam Mohsen Mohseni Eghi called on Iran’s attorney general to conduct a thorough investigation into the situation in Evin Prison and the ill-treatment of prisoners as soon as possible.

However, there is understandable skepticism about the earnestness of the confessions and promises to hold violators accountable. Critics has claimed that the move is nothing but a desperate attempt to improve the reputation of newly elected President Ebrahim Raisi and cover up Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s knowledge of the abuses.

In an earlier report, Human Rights Watch said that Evin Prison authorities use torture against detainees, threats of indefinite imprisonment, torture, daily interrogations for five or six hours, as well as denial of the most basic elements of medical care and visits.