Syriac Union Party Co-Chair Barsoum: Turkish military operations in around Tel Tamr are dangerous escalation

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — Co-Chair of the Syriac Union Party (SUP) in Syria Sanharib Barsoum told SuroyoTV that Turkey’s recent military operations are an indication of a dangerous escalation in the region and Turkey continues to pursue expansionist plans.

Barsoum referred to the separate agreements reached with Russia and the U.S. to halt the Turkish invasion of October 2019, which, he said, Turkey has almost constantly violated.

He added that Ankara is carrying out war crimes by targeting civilians and seeking to empty cities of their residents as a part of its policy of demographic change.

Barsoum appealed to the international community, particularly Russia and America, to hold Turkey accountable for its violations of the ceasefires and the war crimes it is committing against the people of North and East Syria.