President of Assyrian People’s Assembly Elias Antar: we must embody the brotherhood of peoples in deed and word to live in peace

KHABUR, North and East Syria – The barbaric Turkish bombing of the areas of North and East Syria has become a full-blown nightmare for the components of the region aggravating the already difficult conditions the Democratic Autonomous Administration and Syria as a whole are going through. Dozens of people were killed and injured in these ongoing bombings.

The President of the Assyrian People’s Assembly in Khabur Elias Antar emphasized that his Assembly invites all their brothers and sisters living with them in this region, including Syriacs, Arabs, Kurds, Turkmen, and Yazidis, to join heart and soul in the same trench, and to embody the brotherhood of peoples in word and deed, so that the peoples of the region may coexist in safety and peace.

Elias Antar condemned the silence of the allies of the Democratic Autonomous Administration on the attacks. The President of the Assyrian People’s Assembly called on the world to assist the Syriac people, because they are tired of murder and destruction, and they want to enjoy their lives in peace.

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