Syriac Union Party official Joseph Lahdo: Turkish attacks have increased ISIS activity” recent Turkish attacks have boosted terrorist cell activity

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — In an interview with SuroyoTV, member of the Syriac Union Party’s (SUP) executive body Joseph Lahdo discussed the attacks carried out by the Turkish state on the areas of Tel Tamr and Abu Rasayn (Zarkan) in North and East Syria.

Lahdo indicated that the occupying Turkish force and their Syrian National Army (SNA) proxies have not adhered to the agreements brokered by Russia and the United States.

Recent attacks have targeted unarmed civilians, resulting in a number of deaths, injuries, and damage to public and private property.

Lahdo noted that the Turkish attacks have led to increased activity by the Islamic State (ISIS) seeking to exploit the chaos and instability, but the military forces of the region have so far been able to contain the terrorist cells.

Lahdo also appealed to the international community, particularly the United States, to take a clear position on the Turkish attacks and to take serious action to stop them. The U.S. must fulfil its responsibility and stand by the SDF and the Syriac Military Council (MFS) who played the greatest role in liberating Syria from ISIS, giving over 10,000 martyrs.