Iraqi writer and thinker Kadhim Habib passes away at the age of 86

BERLIN — At the age of 86, Iraqi writer and thinker Kadhim Habib passed away in Berlin.

Throughout his life, Babib published nearly 30 books and hundreds of articles.

Habib, who was born in 1935, was an Iraqi politician, economist, and writer. He was a member of several human rights and economic organizations inside and outside Iraq.

He grew up in Karbala and then joined the Iraqi Communist Party. He held a PhD in economics from the University of Berlin, as well as a PhD in sciences.

He was arrested and imprisoned for political reasons in 1978. Soon after his release, he left Iraq for Algeria where he continued teaching and began writing and translating.

Among his most important books was the thousand-page Iraq’s Christians: Authenticity, Belonging, and Citizenship which was published by Nineveh Publishing House in Syria in 2018.

He published several books, studies, and articles in economics, politics, and human rights in Arabic and German. He wrote several articles published on SyriacPress.