SYRIA: Legislative Council of Gozarto Region holds sixth regular meeting

AMUDA, GOZARTO, Syria – On Tuesday, the Legislative Council of the Gozarto (Jazira) Region held its sixth regular meeting to discuss the situation in the region and the latest political developments in Syria and the world which affect Syria’s northeastern region. The meeting in Amuda was in the presence of the Co-Chair of the Executive Council of the Gozarto Region Nazira Goreya (Syriac Union Party) and the head of the Executive Council of the Syrian Democratic Council Ilham Ahmed. Co-chair of the Legislative Council Ilham Matli (Syriac Union Party) read the minutes of the previous meeting and summarized the latest work of the Council.

Iham Ahmed, head of the Executive Council of the Syrian Democratic Council, spoke about the political situation in the world which has greatly affected Syria and the broader Middle East, particularly the pandemic and climate change.

On policies of the United States in the region and the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, which paved the way for the Taliban’s re-establishing control over the country, Ahmed noted that the U.S. is acting in accordance with its interests, and that there is the possibility it will withdraw from other countries as well. She noted however, that the situation in North and East Syria is different from Afghanistan, because the Democratic Autonomous Administration holds its mandate from the people and was established to serve and protect the people.

Ahmed said the regions of North and East Syria had hard experiences and setbacks as the U.S. had already once withdrawn from the Region. After it withdrew, the Democratic Autonomous Administration witnessed Turkish attacks and an invasion but the administration was able to continue its work, and defended all peoples.

Ahmed noted during her speech the need to prepare for all sort of attacks and future policies. The Syrian-Syrian dialogue is the basic strategic alternative to stop the interference of other forces, powers and countries in the affairs of North and East Syria. With regard to the Syrian crisis, Ahmed noted that the political process is completely at a standstill as a result of international agreements between world and regional powers.

On the weeks-long attacks of the Turkish occupation army, Ilham Ahmed stated that these attacks indicate that there is an implicit Russian concession to Turkey despite the formal ceasefire agreement and Russian-Turkish joint patrols.