SYRIA: New ceasefire agreement in Druco (Daraa)

DRUCO, Syria — A day after the failed Russian-mediated settlement agreement between the Syrian regime and opposition militants in Druco (Daraa), another ceasefire and arms surrender agreement was negotiated and came into force on Wednesday morning.

The new agreement included a ceasefire and surrender of wanted persons, the displacement of those who did not wish to make a settlement, as well as the entry of Russian military police to the Daraa al-Balad district.

It was also agreed to establish three joint security points between the military security forces and the 8th Brigade of the 5th Corps inside Daraa al-Balad.

Despite the agreement, violent clashes broke out between 4th Division forces trying to storm the city and gunmen in Daraa al-Balad to reconcile with the Syrian regime. The clashes included heavy shelling of about 50 ground-to-ground rockets on the city’s neighborhoods.

A conflict between the Russian-backed 5th Corps and the Iranian-backed 4th Division over control of the Druco area has been ongoing.

This is also not the first Russian-brokered agreement. Russian forces have tried over the years to extend their control in key areas of the country.

So far, however, their attempts have failed due to the refusal of the people of the region to submit to Russian orders and the failure of the Syrian regime to abide by any settlements it has made.