Syrian Democratic Council holds seminar for intellectuals in Hasakah

HASAKAH, Syria — The Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) held a seminar for Syrian intellectuals in Hasakah city to highlight their contributions to a national political solution.

“The seminar was important, and we have been briefed on the views of Syrian intellectuals who play an active role within Syrian society,” said Deputy Co-Chair of the Syrian Democratic Council Gabriel Shamoun. “This role will contribute to educating the community and moving forward on the path towards a Syrian political solution.”

“The Syrian Democratic Council has worked to convey our voice to intellectuals by holding these seminars, to inform them of the SDC’s work and the current status of political events,” said Shamoun.

“The Syrian Democratic Council and the intellectual community complement each other,” he continued. “Until we reach a decentralized and democratic Syria which respects the rights of all people and peoples, we will continue to hold these seminars and pursue a Syria for all Syrians.”