Though some international officials doubt sincerity, several foreign ISIS women undergoing rehabilitation courses in Roj Camp in North and East Syria forego their black veils

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — Dozens of women of the Islamic State (ISIS) are undergoing intellectual and professional training courses inside Roj Camp in North and East Syria to help them reintegrate them into society if they returned to their home countries. Many women in the camp have also decided to take off their black veils as an expression of their abandonment of ISIS’s extremist ideas.

In a report by Al-Hurra TV, two women in the camp, Estelle from France and Sarah from Germany, who left the ISIS controlled outskirts of Dayro Zcuro (Deir ez-Zor) in 2017.

The women now criticize ISIS’s ideas and teachings and, after extended contemplation, decided to take off their black veils and start new social lives in Roj Camp, a camp specifically built to house women and children connected to ISIS located on the outskirts of Dayrik (Al-Malikiyah).

In addition to Estelle and Sarah, other women in the camp have broken away from the customs and traditions of ISIS and have confronted some female extremists who threatened to burn their tents.

Estelle told Al-Hurra that six months ago she decided to take off her veil and said it was a great revolution for her and her friends. They decided to live freely, buy clothes, and smoke hookah outside the tents. However, said Estelle, many in the camp do not like that.

Some of the other women, who also wear makeup, are reluctant to mention their real names as threats may affect their families outside the camp.

Sarah adds that their group consists of, “about 15 women in this camp, from different countries, and are open to anyone who wants to join them.”

There is suspicion amongst analysts and international governments about the sincerity of the gestures at moderation. Some think it is merely a trick to persuade their governments to return them, while, in fact, some of them are accused of recruiting and calling for attacks in Western countries.

However, the staff of the organizations operating in the camp assert that a large part of the foreign women do show some kind of remorse and attend rehabilitation and social awareness courses in addition to practicing sports activities.

This is a step aimed at protecting women who are looking for a better future for their children, away from ISIS terrorism, until their countries repatriate them.