Administration of North and East Syria reaffirms commitment to unified democratic Syria on 3rd anniversary of its founding

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — On the 3rd anniversary of its founding, the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) of North and East Syria issued a statement pledging to continue the democratic struggle until a stable, democratic, and united Syria that represents the will of all Syrians is achieved.

The statement pointed to the DAA’s prominent role in combating terrorism and its ability to represent the will of millions while securing the rights of all the region’s components and maintaining its geographical and societal unity.

The statement also declared that the DAA will continued to engage in diplomatic and political negotiations to find a political solution for Syria.

Over the past three years, the DAA has had to adapt to the general Syrian situation to ensure the provision of services to the people of North and East Syria, despite the imposed sanctions and siege and the ongoing Turkish occupation and attacks, read the statement.

The DAA called on all the components of the region to cooperate with the institutions of the DAA, participate in the local governance structures, and help ensure the stability and prosperity of the region.