The Netherlands states Syrian regime is responsible for human rights violations in Druco (Daraa) city in Syria

THE HAGUE — Spokesperson for the Dutch Foreign Ministry Bo de Koning stated that, in September 2020, the Netherlands issued a diplomatic note to the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad stating the Dutch government holds Damascus responsible for violating the United Nations Convention against Torture.

De Koning indicated that the Ministry’s strategy, including the details of the negotiations with the Assad regime, is confidential, and the ministry will not make any further statements on this subject.

The purpose of accountability is to end the crimes that occur every day, said de Koning, stressing the need to bring justice to the Syrian victims who have been subjected to human rights violations.

De Koning’s comments come as the Syrian regime continues its attacks on Druco (Daraa) in the country’s south despite attempts at mediation.

In March 2021, the Dutch government stated that it was working with Canada to ensure accountability for the crimes committed by the Syrian regime.