Jordan: Syriac refugee children receive Body of Christ

AMMAN – In the Jordanian capital, Holy Mass was celebrated on Sunday, September 5 with the liturgical ceremony of receiving the Body of Christ for the children of Syriac refugee families. Holy Mass took place in the Latin Church of Our Lady of Carmel under the leadership of Mor Yuhanna Boutros Muşe, the bishop of the Syriac Catholic Church in Mosul. He was assisted by church priest Tha’er Cabba.

Many Syriac families who had fled to Jordan attended Holy Mass in Amman.

27 children opened the ceremony by entering the church in procession with the bishop, the priest, and the deacons. Then the rite of Holy Mass was held. Priest Tha’er Cabba gave a speech in which he thanked Bishop Yuhanna Muşe for his attendance.

One of the Syriac Catholic immigrants from Iraq made it clear in his speech on behalf of the parents of children;

“We left our home in Iraq. Not because we wanted to, but because of the difficult situation there. Despite all the difficulties of the diaspora, God is making a way for us.”

The 27 children who received the Body of Christ sang hymns. Bishop Boutros Muşe said in his speech:

“Our home ground remains in our hearts forever and we are connected to our ancestral origin with all the memories that come with it. But the situation in our homeland determines the future of the people. We as Christians should see the whole world as a home, because Christ is the message for and between people wherever they are.”

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