Syriac Cultural Association official Hanna Soumi: First Mardutho Festival was a great success and will be organized every year

ZALIN (QAMISHLI), Syria – Syriac Cultural Association official in Zalin Hanna Soumi stated that the first annual Syriac Mardutho ‘Culture’ Festival held by his organization and which lasted 3 days, was very well-received in cultural circles and has had a major impact because of its diversity of performances and activities and because it is the first of its kind in the region. In an interview with our news desk, Soumi pointed out that there will be other festivals of this kind in coordination with intellectuals from all Syrian regions and neighboring countries.

Soumi explained that such a Syriac cultural festival was held for the first time in the region, covering all aspects of cultural life of the Syriac people;

“with folk songs sung by the scout marching band and various choirs, literary readings, storytellers portraying the heritage of our people, performances in traditional costume, individual talent acts, dance folk bands… and it was done all in our Syriac language. The participants were our Syriac people from Hasaka, Zalin and Qabre Hewore.”

In his evaluation of the Mardutho Festival, Soumi explained that the festival was very good in organization and artistic content. “And what sets it apart is the unity of our Syriac people and their massive participation in this event. The festival reinvigorates the national consciousness of our people, their love for their heritage and Syriac civilization, and their national struggle to revive it,” he said.

“It is necessary to continue to show this great history, which dates back 7,000 years, and to know the rest of the components in the region through these festivals and events. To prove to everyone that despite all the adverse circumstances that have passed and despite the migration that has taken place during the war, the Syriac people are still alive and present in the land of their fathers and grandparents.”

Hanna Soumi concluded by noting that there will be more Syriac cultural festivals upcoming and that his Syriac Cultural Association is already preparing and planning next year’s Mardutho Festival which will have many performers, singers, and intellectuals from all regions of Syria and even from neighboring countries.