Tur Abdin: Hostel and football field to open in Syriac village of Bsorino

BSORINO / TUR ABDIN, Turkey – The village of Bsorino is one of the few remaining Syriac villages in Tur Abdin, southeastern Turkey, with a large Syriac population of 40 families. It also however, has a large diaspora in Sweden, Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany who regularly visit their relatives in their home village in summer.

One of the patriotic Bsorino families now living in the diaspora in Germany has donated a large sum of funds for the construction of a hostel in the village, Syriac mayor Shemoun Guzel told our news desk.

The two-storey hostel called Beth Sabro (‘House of Hope’) covers more than 1,300 square meters, has 10 rooms, a communal kitchen and two communal living rooms. The festive opening ceremony of the hostel is planned for October 17.

At the same time, a football field was constructed with the help of the Turkish Ministry of Sports.

Some 1,800 Syriacs remain in Tur Abdin. The Tur Abdin diaspora is estimated to be some 350 thousand in Europe and tens of thousands in the U.S. and Canada.

Syriac village of Bsorino, Tur Abdin