Syrian Democratic Forces of North and East Syria close three money transfer offices in Al-Hol Camp for large sums of money to ISIS families

AL-HOL, Syria — Sources reported that, after searching and collecting information over a period of several months, the Internal Security Forces (ISF) of North and East Syria arrested the three largest money exchange and transfer offices in Al-Hol Camp for transferring large sums of money to families of the Islamic State (ISIS) without documenting the transfers in the offices’ daily records.

The ISF arrested the owners and closed the offices after withdrawing their licenses, according to local reports.

The closed offices distributed nearly 72 million Syrian Pounds to 48 ISIS families from Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq during August. It was reported that the money was used to finance terrorist operations in the camp, the purchase of weapons, and smuggling ISIS families out the camp and into Turkish-controlled territory.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are seeking to uncover the funding sources fueling the terrorism in Al-Hol Camp. Closing offices is not enough, said SDF sources, as there are people working to deliver money to ISIS families in various illegal ways.