Iran continues fuel shipments to Lebanon, U.S. State Department warns of consequences

BEIRUT — In clear defiance of the Lebanese government, Iran sent another shipment of fuel to Lebanon, prompting the United States to warn of the consequences of continued Iranian shipments for Lebanon and its government.

Despite the condemnation of Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati, who said Iran must stop unilateral shipments of fuel and goods to the country, Tehran continues to send shipments of fuel to its close ally — some would proxy — Hezbollah.

Open-source investigators Tanker Trackers confirmed on Sunday that a third Iranian ship loaded with fuel destined for Hezbollah is headed towards the region.

Geraldine Griffiths, a regional spokeswoman for the U.S. State Department, said Lebanon’s importation of Iranian oil puts the country at risk, noting that Hezbollah’s activities undermined Lebanese institutions and that Lebanon had been subjected to sanctions for its dealings and involvement in illegal trade with sanctions subject Iran.

Griffiths said the Biden Administration is ready to provide support to Lebanon, adding that the resolution of Lebanon’s crises must be done through the international community.