New charity in North and East Syria helping young cancer patients

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA – On Saturday, SyriacPress interviewed Yara Khalili, Co-Chair of the newly-inaugurated Emin Association which supports children with cancer.

Khalil stated that the Amin Association began its charitable operations in June 2021.

“The support and funding for the association is exclusively from the Emin Trading Group, we have not received any support from any organization or other party,” Khalil said.

“At first, we conducted field visits to survey patients up to the age of 18-years-old with the support of specialized doctors,” she continued.

She also stated that three campaigns were conducted in August, the first of which was an entertainment campaign for sick children and holding periodic motivating parties for them.

“In the future, we will open an educational and entertainment center to support the children,” Khalil said.

She concluded that, “so far, we have not received any support from external organizations in terms of medical equipment, psychological counseling, medicines, and other requirements of the patients.”