U.N. official warns of widespread malnutrition in Syria

DARAMSUQ — Regional Director of the Syria Relief and Development Agency Amani Kaddour gave a briefing to the U.N. Security Council about the malnutrition of children and elderly in Syria, as well as the exploitation of children by armed groups and in the labor market.

Kaddour noted that they sometimes see children under 10-years-old working in mining or construction which pose sufficient risks for adults, never mind children. Children in Syria have been stripped of a normal, safe childhood and healthy development.

Syria has witnessed an increase in cases of suicide among young adults and children who have known nothing but conflict in their lives.

Kaddour stressed the inability of many to obtain food as the national economy continues to deteriorate. He described being young in Syria as a “death sentence”, noting that malnutrition and hunger spread have become the norm.