Lebanese Prime Minister Mikati’s government wins confidence of Lebanese Parliament

BEIRUT — Thirteen months after the dissolution of its last government, the new Lebanese government of Prime Minister Najib Mikati was approved by Lebanese Parliament.

During an eight-hour session on Monday, the proposed ministerial appointments were discussed with 85 of 100 Members of Parliament voting for the approval of the appointments.

In a statement, Prime Minister Mikati, a prominent businessman, focused on resuming work with the International Monetary Fund in order to address the deteriorating economic situation in the country, which is considered a priority for the Lebanese people at the present time.

Mikati also discussed the development of the country’s relations with Arab and European countries and the return of displaced Syrians to their country.

He pledged to hold parliamentary elections on time and hold accountable anyone who tries to disrupt and thwart the new government as it tries to confront the numerous crises facing the country.