Apple includes the Syriac language in latest operating system update and phone keyboard

With the increasing use of the Syriac language on social networking sites, and in a step that will support and spread the Syriac language around the world, Apple announces the inclusion of the Syriac language in the list of languages ​​​​on its devices in the fifteenth and latest version of its operating system. Apple saw the need to include the Syriac language, reflecting the increasing demand from users and their increasing need to use the Syriac language in research, correspondence, conversations, and dictionaries.

Jalinos Eissa, official of the Zalin(Qamishli)-based Olaf Taw Association specializing in teaching the Syriac language, stated that the courses and conferences held by his organization are currently mostly conducted through social networking sites, which is why adding Syriac language to the operating system of Apple is crucial for the work of Olaf Taw, especially since the language is already included in other operating systems such as Windows and Android.

Eissa added that this move proves the growing worldwide interest in the Syriac language, evidence of the spread of the Syriac (Chaldean-Aramean-Assyrian) people over all parts of the world, and their increasing interest in spreading and using their native Syriac language. Eissa indicated that this latest update will help reduce users’ download speeds for the language of erratic applications and websites, both inside and outside Syria.

Below some Twitter reactions to the inclusion of Syriac language by Apple: