Lebanese Prime Minister Mikati discusses ways to resolve country’s crises with French President Macron in Paris

BEIRUT — Despite the formation of a new — and long-awaited — government, Lebanon continues to see the several crises afflicting it worsen, most notably the economic crisis which has affected the health and service sector significantly.

The United Nations warned in a report of the severe shortage of Lebanese medical personnel, due to the economic crisis in the country, and the large migration of medical staff to European countries.

Forty percent of Lebanon’s doctors have left full-time medical facilities or are working part-time as the government continues to be unable to find solutions to the economic crisis, the report said.

The Electricity Corporation of Lebanon warned that power could be completely cut off across the country by the end of this month due to a shortage of fuel stocks.

In light of Lebanon’s crises, Prime Minister Najib Mikati went to Paris to meet with French President Emmanuel Macron at the Élysée Palace to discuss the measures and reforms to be implemented, a timetable for their implementation, and the role of France and other powers in keeping pace with the implementation of those reforms by the new government.