Syrian Democratic Council calls on Russia to bigger role in developing dialogue with Assad regime

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — Co-Chair of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) Amina Omar confirmed that Russian are key players in Syria and have a great influence on the Syrian regime’s decision, or not, for dialogue with Syrian Democratic Council.

In a statement to North Press Agency, Omar said the Russians can play a major role in developing the dialogue between Syrian Democratic Council and the Assad regime if they want to, provided they are true guarantors of this dialogue and its outcome.

Omar stressed that the participation of the Syrian Democratic Council and Democratic Autonomous Administration at all stages of the political process is necessary, pointing out that officials in North and East Syria are well aware of the fear of the population about the return of the Syrian regime and its security services to the region.

According to Omar, one of the priorities of SDC’s foreign visits is ending the continued Turkish attacks on North and East Syria.

A delegation from SDC and the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) of North and East Syria visited Moscow earlier in September to discuss the issue of negotiations with the regime with an emphasis on federalism as a form of future governance.