Iraqi Minister of Youth and Sports receives delegation of Baghdede Sports Club in Baghdad

BAGHDAD —Iraqi Minister of Youth and Sports Adnan Dargal received a delegation of the Baghdede Sports Club headed by Mr. Khalis Ishwa Astifo, Chairman of the Administrative Board for the club. Astifo was accompanied by members of the administrative body Mr. Aswan Alois and Mr. Maher Ilia and club marketing officer Mr. Imad Sobeih.

The delegation congratulated Dargal with a bouquet of flowers on the occasion of his recent election as President of the Iraqi Football Union and wished him success in the position.

The two parties discussed some matters related to the club, including self-financing. Minister Dargal agreed to the requests made by the delegation.

The delegation thanked Mr. Salam Manasir for his efforts in coordinating the meeting.

The Baghdede Sports Club is one of the oldest sports clubs in Iraq. One of its greatest achievements is its multiple women’s volleyball championships.