Syriac Union Party Co-Chair Barsoum: 16 years after establishment of SUP, we are at a historic turning point

ZALIN, Syria — On the occasion of the 16th anniversary of the founding of the Syriac Union Party (SUP), Co-Chair Sanharib Barsoum said while being interviewed by SuroyoTV that, “when we talk about 16 years we must talk about some important points that the party has been able to accomplish, especially among our people, such as demanding our rights, which is one of the most important struggles of the party that was able to move our people and urge them to fight.”

“Internally, the party organized our people and urged them to join the party,” he said. “Additionally, the party organized many activities annually, such as the Assyrian New Year ‘Akitu’, Sayfo remembrance, and other cultural activities.”

“SUP built many relations with major countries and participated in international conferences concerning the Syrian affairs in Syria and abroad,” said Barsoum about the party’s role in the diplomatic field. “Through these participations, we have been able as a party to show our national presence and our demands for equality, to have equal rights and status alongside the other peoples of Syria.”

“After 2011, the activity and effectiveness of the party and its relations with our people and other peoples increased, and there is no doubt that our participation in the Autonomous Administration was an important and historical turning point for us and our people,” he continued. “Attaining our rights in this administration, like other peoples, is an important accomplishment of the party and we will work in the future to ensure our people attain the same at the national level.”