Universal Syriac Union Party participates in Lebanese conference to form opposition front of sovereignists

BEIRUT – At the invitation of the National Liberal Party, a constituent conference was held in the Lebanese capital to establish a united front of sovereignists against the coup policies targeting the constants of the Lebanese political consensus. Among the priorities of the Conference were to unify all opposition parties, giving priority to building confidence among all denominational components of Lebanon, working on restoring power away from the corrupt system that destroyed Lebanon’s constitutional institutions, the rejection of arms that are not under the control of state authority – which specifically targets Hezbollah threating Lebanon’s national balances – as well as the need to address the Syrian refugees’ dossier and demand for an international solution within the framework of the overall Syrian settlement.

Various civil organizations, independent personalities, and opposition political parties, including the Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP), represented by the USUP Official and lawyer Michel Mello from Zahle, participated in the conference.

The conference discussed the adoption of a road map and the organization of the new political front. The road map entails the preparation for political and institutional reform to end the unbalances of the Lebanese political systems, working on financial, economic, and educational reform, and policies to strengthen the independence of the Lebanese judiciary – very significant since the explosion in the port of Beirut and the never-ending search for justice for the victims. The Conference noted that the lack of such conditions would force the Front of Lebanese sovereignists to request an international investigation.

The conference also announced the formation of follow-up committees, which will hold their meetings away from the media, in order to complete the organizational situation of the Front and apply its decisions.