Iraqi families leave al-Hol camp for Iraqi camps in Nineveh Governate

NORTH and EAST SYRIA – The repatriation of residents of camps in North and East Syria to their home countries continues. An official source in al-Hol camp, who refused to reveal his name because of security concerns, said that 115 Iraqi families from al-Hol camp left by bus for al-Jada’a camp in Iraq’s Nineveh Governorate. This is the second batch, he explained.

The source added that the number of people who have left al-Hol camp for Nineveh has reached 487 people.

Between Baghdad and the Democratic Autonomous Administration there is an agreement to repatriate each others nationals.

Al-Hol camp houses about 62 thousand people, including about 10 thousand families of foreign Islamic State fighters, including Iraqis, who are kept in a special section of the camp under heavy security.