Health Authority of North and East Syria: Coronavirus infections and deaths near disaster levels

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — The Health Authority of the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) of North and East Syria stated during a press conference on Thursday that the number of coronavirus infections and deaths was especially high very high during September and that the COVID-19 centers had been filled it was becoming a catastrophic situation.

The press conference was held at the office of the Foreign Relations Commission in Zalin (Qamishli). Co-Chair of the Health Authority Dr. Joan Mustafa said that the coronavirus originally spread to the region in late March 2020. From then until now, the Health Authority has done what it can to help slow the spread and help those who have contracted the virus.

Dr. Mustafa continued that they are in contact and coordination with many international organizations and institutions, such as the Kurdish Red Crescent, operating in North and East Syria.

Dr. Mustafa said that in 2020, the Health Authority for North and East Syria opened 15 centers for coronavirus patients equipped with machines and equipment worth $6 million. The centers work to serve all citizens free of charge at a cost of approximately $120 per day.

In order to conduct the coronavirus test in all regions of North and East Syria, 26 medical teams were prepared. To date, over 72,000 tests had been carried out costing $50 each, amounting to roughly $3.6 million.

Of the nearly 28,000 positive test results, the largest number were in Zalin, with Hasakah close behind, followed by Dayrik (Al-Malakiyah), and Raqqa.

Dr. Mustafa pointed out that the situation of the region during the fourth wave is approaching disaster, pointing to the economic situation of the people and the water and electricity crisis caused by Turkey’s cutting off water from the Euphrates.

The DAA approved a total lockdown of North and East Syria starting on 3 October and ending on 9 October. It is likely the lockdown with be extended.