Belgium: Syriac Orthodox diocese calls on congregation members to attend Syriac language classes

BRUSSELS – The Belgian Syriac Orthodox diocese has called on its members to enroll their children in the upcoming Syriac language classes which will be held in various churches of the diocese. In a circular letter, Bishop Gerwargis Gawriye calls on all parents and children to participate in the Syriac language classes at e.g., the Mother of God Church in Gat and at the Saint John the Baptist Church in Brussels.

The bishop’s call comes after the Syriac Orthodox Church in its latest Holy Synod decided to put special emphasis on the teaching of the national language of the Syriac people.

About 10 thousand Syriacs live in Belgium with communities in Liège and Brussels (Syrian Orthodox) and in Antwerp and Mechelen (Chaldean Church).

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