Turkey: 26 cases of femicide in month of September

ISTANBUL – According to the September report of the We Will Stop Femicide Platform, 26 women have been murdered by men in Turkey. Another 19 women died under suspicious circumstances. The Platform’s report says that the motive could not be identified in 16 of the 26 femicide cases. Ten of them were killed because they wanted to take life into their own hands and make decisions about their own lives, such as wanting a divorce, refusing to reconcile, refusing to marry, or rejecting a relationship.

The We Will Stop Femicide Platform (Kadın Cinayetlerini Durduracağız Platformu) report states:

“Unless it is determined by who and why women are murdered; Unless there is a fair trial, unless suspects, accused, and murderers are not given deterrent sentences, and unless preventive measures are taken, violence against women will continue to increase. Of the 26 women, 14 were killed by their husband, 6 by their partner, 2 by their father, 2 by their son, 1 by her former husband and 1 by her relatives. 18 of the 26 women were killed at home, 2 in a field, 1 in the middle of the street, 1 in a car, 1 in a hotel. It could not be determined where the 3 other women were killed. 69 percent of women killed this month were murdered in their homes. 9 of the women were killed with firearms, 8 with cutting weapons, 4 by drowning, 2 by being thrown from a height, 2 by beating, and 1 by being burned.”