Positive developments from Syrian Democratic Council meetings in Moscow and Washington 

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — During the recent visits of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) to Moscow and Washington, D.C., as well as the participation of the SDC members in the annual conference of the British Labor Party, the SDC delegation met with a number of politicians and activists active in seeking an end to the Syrian crisis.

Member of the SDC Relations Office Ali Rahmoun stated that the delegation visit to Moscow discussed the future of the political process and the political solution in Syria, as well as the necessity of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and SDC participation in it.

According to Rahmoun, several points were discussed in Washington, the most important of which finding a political solution in Syria and the SDC’s role in achieving a political solution through dialogue between the Syrian parties.

Rahmoun pointed out that the U.S. officials emphasized the long-term partnership with the SDF in fighting terrorism and consolidating the stability of North and East Syria run by the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA).

The Syrian politician and member of the National Democratic Alliance Party Yahya Mahmoud told North Press Agency that the recent SDC visits revealed a positive development for a political solution in Syria.

Mahmoud considered that the SDC possesses a road map to get out of the dark tunnel in which the Syrian people entered during a decade of war, and which made the Syrian forces lack any vision for a solution or an alternative project to the existing authority.

Mahmoud pointed out that the SDC has repeatedly called for dialogue with the Syrian regime.

Civil activist and head of the Youth Union in Raqqa Ibrahim al-Issa declared that the SDC possesses and represents a democratic and political diversity experienced by societal forces in North and East Syria.

Al-Issa stated to North Press Agency that the administrative decentralization that the SDC wants to implement in Syria has become a model for a solution that represents all Syrians and achieves their aspirations.