USUP in session of Continual Federal Congress, intention to participate with a federalist coalition in next elections in Lebanon

RABWEH / BEIRUT – With the participation of activists from different religious denominations, political parties and civil society organizations advocating a federal Lebanon, a session of the Continual Federal Congress of Lebanon was held at the Liqa’ Center in Rabweh on Friday. The participant parties and organizations of the Continual Federal Congress discussed a road map and organizational action and strategy plan on how to move forward to the next phase. The participants also discussed the their intention to participate in a federalist coalition in next year’s parliamentary elections.

The Continual Federal Congress of Lebanon Congress is headed by Syriac Maronite businessman and philanthropist Dr. Alfred Riachi. He is co-founder and Secretary General of the Congress which is committed to establishing federalism in Lebanon as adopted and practiced in the most developed countries of the world. Federalism would enable the Lebanese to develop their homeland, stop domination of one political or sectarian party over other parties, and each denominational group would have its communal rights and can maintain its presence, existence and continuity without fear of disappearing.

The Beirut-based Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP) is a staunch advocate of federalism in Lebanon and a founding member of the Continual Federal Congress. USUP formally adopted federalism for Lebanon in its party program in 2015.

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USUP President Ibrahim Mrad was among those attending Friday’s meeting and stated that the fight against a corrupt and failed central regime and Iranian occupation will continue in full swing. Mrad also declared that the next step in the Congress’ battle plan is to participate as a federalist coalition in the next parliamentary elections. Mrad added that their candidacy for the parliamentary elections will be under the slogan Federalism is the solution NOW.