2015 Ankara Station Massacre: Turkish police disrupts commemoration and detains several people

ANKARA – Today is the sixth anniversary of the brutal bombing by Islamic State of the Peace and democracy rally at Ankara Station Square. People gathered today in Ankara to commemorate those who were massacred in the bombing on October 10, 2015. Hundred and four people lost their lives that day.

According to Syriac newspaper Gazete Sabro, Turkish police, however, forcibly prevented people from participating in the commemoration and arrested several people who are still in custody.

Tensions arose between the police and the crowd who wanted to participate in the commemoration at Ankara Station Square, after the police blocked access roads. Many people were beaten and detained as a result of police force.

The police subsequently also prevented journalists from entering the area under the pretext that they would only admit family of those killed or injured in the massacre at Ankara train Station Square.