Iraqi Human Rights Society hopes new parliament will combat all forms of violence

WASHINGTON, D.C. / BAGHDAD — On the 22nd anniversary of its founding, the U.S.-based Iraqi Human Rights Society (IHRS) renewed its efforts to support the legitimate rights of the Iraqi people. More specifically, they called on all Iraqi forces, institutions, and citizens to reject attempts by regional powers to interfere in Iraq’s internal affairs. IHRS also hopes the Iraqi Parliament and the future Iraqi government combat all forms of violence and extremism, including kidnappings

These issues require establishing security through limiting the uncontrolled spread of weapons and armed groups, said IHRS. The rule of law must be strengthened in the country through public reforms to improve basic governance which provides the necessities of life such as health care, education, and employment opportunities. Other significant issues that must be tackled by the new government are corruption and absenteeism which have undermined the Iraqi state in the last decade, according to IHRS. Only then can the Iraqi dream of dignity and freedom be achieved, the organization concluded.

The Iraqi Human Rights Society is a voluntary, independent, non-governmental association, that aims to promote social justice and equality among Iraqi citizens in light of international charters and covenants and in accordance with the Iraqi constitution.