Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett: Israel’s stance on the Golan Heights is unrelated to situation in Syria

TEL AVIV — Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said during the ‘Golan Conference on Economy and Regional Development’, sponsored by the Makor Rishon newspaper, that Israel’s stance on the Golan Heights has not changed.

“Six weeks from now, we will hold a government session here, during which we will approve a national plan for the Golan Heights, with the goal to doubling the population,” said Bennett. To achieve this, Bennett explained that Israel will invest resources into the region to establish two new towns, launch more infrastructure projects, and create job opportunities.

During the conference, Bennett indicated that Israel is closely following the developments in Syria especially in relation to Iran’s growing role, adding that Israel will continue efforts to end the Iranian presence in Syria to ensure the safety of the residents of the Golan Heights and all the residents of Israel.

However, Bennett stressed that Israel’s stance on the issue of the Golan Heights is not related to the situation in Syria. “Even if the world changes its stance on Syria or the manner in which it deals with Assad, this has nothing to do with the Golan Heights, because the Golan Heights is an Israeli area,” he concluded.