Syriac Orthodox Priest George Saliba passes away at 64 in Belgium after contracting coronavirus

ZELLIK, Belgium — Syriac Orthodox Priest George Saliba of the Church of Mor Shamoun Zayte (St Simon of the Olives) in Zellik, Belgium, passed away at the age of 64 after contracting the coronavirus.

Father Saliba was born in the town of Qabre Hewore (Al-Qahtaniyah) in Syria and studied music in Daramsuq (Damascus). He obtained a medical degree in Romania and specialized in internal medicine in Daramsuq.

He was ordained a priest in Belgium in 2008. Father Saliba was married to Dr. Aftonia Khoury be Suleiman Hinno. The couple had three sons: Fayutha, Kino, and Rabath.