U.S. State Department releases statement following Turkey threatening to launch offensive in North and East Syria

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — After recent threats made by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan against the regions of North and East Syria, the U.S. State Department issued a statement saying that, “Washington stresses the importance of maintaining the ceasefire lines in North and East Syria and stopping cross-border attacks.”

In a press conference, U.S. State Department spokesman Ned Price indicated that the U.S. is still consulting with Turkey on finding a solution in Syria.

Earlier, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Joey Hood indicated that there are consultations with Ankara on stopping the recent Turkish escalation on the areas of the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) of North and East Syria.

A few days ago, U.S. President Joe Biden announced the extension of the state of emergency in northern Syria, stressing that the Turkish presence in those areas poses a threat to national security as it undermines the fight against terrorism in Syria.

In related news, Israeli researcher Dr. Moshe Albo warned of the consequences of a U.S. withdrawal from the Middle East, noting that the U.S. military presence in eastern Syria imposes restrictions on Iran and Turkey but questions are increasing about a possible U.S. withdrawal.

Dr. Albo also believed that the visit of Jordanian King Abdullah II to Washington, D.C. last July aimed at striking a new settlement in the Syria crisis.