NORTH AND EAST SYRIA: General Council approves agricultural land Protection and Investment law

GOZARTO (Jazira) Region, Syria – Due to the regular encroachments by individuals of public and private land and property, the General Council of the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria of North and East Syria has passed the Law on the Protection and Investment of Agricultural Land. According to General Council co-chair Siham Qiryo (Syriac Union Party), the aim of this law is to prevent further encroachments on public property belonging to the people.

In times of war, chaos, displacement, and instability, cases of misuse and illegal appropriation of public and private property are frequent. Violators present owners, who often live abroad, with a fait accompli: agricultural land is illegally appropriated and then sold as building land. In addition, acts of sabotage harm the environment.

Co-president of the General Council Siham Qiryo stated in a special statement about this phenomenon that, “this phenomenon has prompted the Authority of Economy and Agriculture to submit a draft law on the protection and investment of agricultural land. The General Council passed this law by majority of votes of Council members.”

The main purpose of this law is to prevent encroachment on public and private property. The Democratic Autonomous Administration regards public property as property of the people and may not be disposed, seized or owned by anyone except under legal terms.