NORTH and EAST SYRIA: German delegation briefed on health situation in Northeastern Syria and the medical needs of hospitals

A German delegation visited North and East Syria and met with the co-chairs of the Executive Council and representatives from the Health Authority. The authorities of the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) briefed the delegation on the region’s needs in the health sector, including confronting the Coronavirus epidemic in light of the shortage of necessary medical devices and equipment. The German delegation promised to convey these needs to relevant organizations in order to provide the necessary support to the DAA.

ZALIN (QAMISHLI), Syria – With the aim of getting acquainted with the health reality in North and East Syria and the difficulties the region faces in controlling the spread of the Coronavirus, a German delegation visited several areas of northeastern Syria, and as part of its tour, the delegation visited the headquarters of the Executive Council of the Democratic Autonomous Administration.

The visiting delegation included Dr. Birgit Koch, Dr. Zimon Becker and Amina Kozan, the president of the Kurdistan Peace and Hope Association. They were received by the co-chairmen of the Executive Council in North and East Syria, Berivan Khaled and Abdul Hamid Al-Mahbash, their deputy, Hassan Kojer, and Health Committee representatives Joan Fadel and Elham Hajj Muhammad.

During the meeting with the German delegation, discussions took place about the reality of the health sector in northeastern Syria and the great challenges facing this sector in light of the outbreak of the Coronavirus. In particular, the two sides discussed the great burdens placed on the Democratic Autonomous Administration in confronting this virus amid both a severe shortage of medical equipment and devices and insufficient access to Covid vaccines in the region, which puts the population, especially the elderly and individuals with preexisting illnesses, at greater risk.

German emergency doctor Zimon Becker explained that the goal of their visit was to conduct field tours in order to realistically assess the health situation and understand the specific needs of the region, as well as to provide relief aid to prevent the Corona virus, as well as to deliver relief supplies for the prevention of the Coronavirus. 

The delegation was briefed on the reality of the current situation in DAA hospitals, and their need for more medical staff, medicine and medical equipment in order to provide the necessary services to their patients. At the end of the meeting, the delegation clarified that they had written down proposals and recorded the region’s specific needs according to their assessment of what they witnessed on the ground, and will submit these proposals outside of Syria in order to bring more relief aid to the region.